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Our Wines

Wine Tasting: 5 one-ounce pours for $8 (no souvenir glass) or $11 (with souvenir glass)750 ml bottle $19.5 (available in all varieties except Dave's Fave, Strawberry Love 143,

& Blood Brothers)
375 ml bottle $13.25 (Dave's Fave, Blood Brothers, & Strawberry Love 143 only)
5 oz. glass: $8 or $11 (Dave's Fave, Blood Brothers, & Strawberry Love 143)

Other Kentucky Wines available here

Wines listed from dry to sweet; after Unattainable (semi-sweet), the rest of our wines have approximately the same amount of residual sugars (6.5%), so similar in sweetness,

but different flavors.

Night Train (Malbec): This lovely dry red with balanced acidity is competing with our Cabernet to be the new crowd favorite! 

Cab Car Savvy (Cabernet Sauvignon): This classic is mild on the oak and one of our favorites to accompany with steak or Italian meatballs with a simple Pomodoro sauce.  It really does get better with age.

Dark Territory (Pinot Noir): Another great dry red.  Try it with pot roast and potatoes, or with some boldly-flavored cheeses.

Platform Pinot (Pinot Grigio): Italy is a place of romance, beauty, and phenomenal tastes.  This delicate white wine is versatile and perfect for cheeses and flavorful chicken or fish.

Rolling Stock (Riesling): This Riesling may be a little different from what you’re used to – semi-dry instead of sweet.  Unexpectedly delicious and a lovely accompaniment to a chicken Marsala or pork dish.


Unattainable (Blue Rosé): Early taste-testers have approved of this blend of our blueberry & Pinot Grigio.  The blue rose is a symbol for unattainable love and this wine is only available in limited quantities.


Brandon’s Black & Blue* (Blackberry/ Blueberry): This crowd-pleasing blend is a

perfectly-balanced mix of sweet blueberries and tart blackberries.  It’s also named after the baby of the family.


Sheryl’s Barrel* (Concord & Cranberry): Named after a late local artist, this is an adaptation of one of her favorite drinks.  Sheryl was a dear childhood friend of Denise and we are pleased to offer this wine in her memory.


Traveler’s Blush (Rosé): A sweet version of the tried-and-true classic rosé wine.


Cherry Red Caboose (Cherry): If you appreciate the tart bite of cherries, you’ll love this wine.


Sidetracked (Kiwi Pear): Unsurprisingly, it tastes pretty much like it sounds.  Kiwi meets Pear.  Whirlwind romance ensues.  We bottled the result.

Midnight Train to Georgia (Peach): Coincidentally, Georgia is Denise’s mom’s name, so this worked out pretty well.  “It smells and tastes like fresh peaches,” is a pretty common reaction.  This wine is great for porch-sippin’.

Summer Rail Journey (Strawberry): What can we say?  It’s the taste of summer in a bottle, reminiscent of strawberry jam.


Boxcar Blue (Blueberry): If you’re a blueberry fan, this wine might just be your new favorite.


Aloha Express (Pineapple & Coconut): If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, this wine will definitely be your new “go to”.

Blood Brothers (Blood Orange & Apple): Our two oldest children, Logan and Garrett, grew up sharing everything from clothing style to bedrooms.  Now that they're adults, we figured, "Why change now?"  So they share this wine, which is appropriate because they couldn't be more wonderfully different (comparing apples to oranges, anyone?), and they are, after all, blood brothers.

Dave’s Fave (Chocolate Cherry): Imagine a chocolate-covered cherry.  Now imagine someone made wine out of that cherry.  Dave is Denise’s dad (he likes chocolate-covered cherries) and he helped so much with getting this place up and running they had to try to make him famous.  You might see him around the place at times (he’s retired now, you see).


Strawberry Love 143 (Chocolate Strawberry): They say true love is hard to find.  Kenny’s mom and dad, Dick and Kay, used 143 as a secret code for “I love you” (the numbers represent the number of letters in each word).  This wine is our salute to them.  They also happen to be celebrating 50 years of marriage in 2020!

Amber’s Autumn (Pumpkin, Apple, & Citrus Spice): ”It can’t be done,” they said.  “It will never work,” they said.  But Kenny had a dream.  A dream to make a pumpkin spice wine.  And he did it.  Then he named it after his daughter.

Day Trip: A crisp, sweet, and refreshing sweet white wine.



*Dry versions may be available upon request.  Depends on whether Kenny got a wild hair when he was making them.

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